Winkler, Gesche

Professeure en zooplancton

Département : Institut des sciences de la mer de Rimouski

Campus : Campus de Rimouski

Courriel :

Téléphone : 418 723-1986, poste 1703

Téléphone sans frais : 1 800 511-3382, poste 1703

Bureau : P-232

Domaines de recherche :

  • Océanographie
  • Biologie
  • Zooplancton
  • Copépodes, mysidacées et krill

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Recherches et expertises

Formation - Carrière
  • Professeure à l’ISMER depuis juillet 2007 
  • Postdoctorat, Station Marine Wimereux, France, 2006 
  • Postdoctorat, Université Laval, QC, Canada, 2000-2005 
  • Dr. rer. nat. en Biologie, Université de Hambourg, Allemagne, 1999 
  • M.Sc Biologie, Université de Hambourg, Allemagne, 1994 
  • B.Sc. Biologie, Université de Cologne, Allemagne, 1989 

Publications et communications


Articles publiés / Published articles 

1. Cabrol J, Winkler G, Tremblay R (2015) Physiological condition and differential feeding behaviour in the cryptic species complex Eurytemora affinis in the St Lawrence estuary. J Plankton Res (early online - doi : 10.1093/plankt/fbu111)

2. Favier JB, Winkler G (2014) Coexistence, distribution patterns and habitat utilization of the sibling species complex Eurytemora affinis in the St. Lawrence estuarine transition zone. J Plankton Res (early online - doi : 10.1093/plankt/fbu063)

3. St. Onge-Drouin S, Winkler G, Dumais JF, Senneville S (2014) Hydrodynamics and spatial separation between two clades of a copepod species complex. J Mar Sys 129, 334-342.

4. Pomerleau C, Winkler G, Sastri A, Nelson NJ, Williams WJ (2014) The effect of acidification and the combined effects of acidification/lipid extraction on carbon stable isotope ratios for sub-arctic and arctic marine zooplankton species. Polar Biology 37 (10), 1541-1548. (DOI) 10.1007/s00300-014-1540-8

5. Pomerleau C, Lesage V, Winkler G, Rosenberg B, Ferguson SH, (2014) Contemporary Diet of Bowhead Whales (Balaena mysticetus) from the Eastern Canadian Arctic Inferred from Fatty Acid Biomarkers. ARCTIC 67 (1), 84–92

6. Perrin G, Plourde S, DiBacco C, Winkler G, Sirois P (2014) Tracing the origins of Calanus spp. in the Saguenay St. Lawrence Marine Park (Québec, Canada) using δ13C as a marker. Mar Ecol Prog Ser 499, 89-102.

7. Perrin G, DiBacco C, Plourde S, Winkler G (2012) Assessing stable isotopic markers to source Calanus species origins in a Marine Protected Area : a laboratory experiment. J Plank Res 34(8), 685-699.

8. Pomerleau C, Lesage V, Ferguson SH, Winkler G, et al. (2012) Prey assemblage isotopic variability as a tool for assessing diet and the spatial distribution of bowhead whale Balaena mysticetus foraging in the Canadian eastern Arctic. Mar Ecol Progr Ser 469, 161-174.

9. Bourgault D, Galbraith PS, Winkler G (2012) Exploratory Observations of Winter Oceanographic Conditions in the Saguenay Fjord. Atmosphere-Ocean 50 (1) 2012, 17–30

10. Winkler G, Souissi S, Poux C, Castric V (2011) Genetic heterogeneity among several European Eurytemora affinispopulations along a Western European Latitudinal Cline. Mar. Biol. 158 (8) 1841-1856.

11. Pomerleau C, Winkler G, Sastri A, Nelson J, Vagle S, Lesage V, Ferguson SH. (2011) Spatial patterns in zooplankton communities across the Eastern Canadian subarctic and Arctic waters : Insights from stable carbon (δ13C) and nitrogen (δ15N) isotope ratios. J. Plank. Res., 33(12):1779-1792 (Feature article)

12. Plourde, S., Winkler, G., St-Pierre, J-F., Starr, M., Joly, P. (2011) Long-term seasonal and interannual variations of krill spawning in the lower St. Lawrence estuary, Canada, 1979-2009. J. Plank. Res., 33 : 703-714

13. Simons RD, Monismith SG, Saucier FJ, Johnson LE, Winkler G (2010). Modeling Stratification and Baroclinic Flow in the Estuarine Transition Zone of the St. Lawrence Estuary. Atmosphere-Ocean 48 (2), 132–146

14. Beyrend-Dur D, Souissi S, Devreker D, Winkler G, and Hwang JS (2009) Life Cycle Traits of Two Transatlantic Populations of Eurytemora affinis (Copepoda : Calanoida) : Salinity effects. J Plankton Res. 31, 713-728.

15. Winkler G, Leclerc V, Sirois P, Archambault P, and Bérubé P (2009) : Short-term impact of forest harvesting on water quality and limnoplankton in oligotrophic headwater lakes of the eastern Canadian Boreal Shield, Boreal Env. Res. 14, (online)

16. Devreker D, Souissi S, Winkler G, Forget-Leray J, Leboulenger F (2009) Effects of salinity and temperature on the reproduction of Eurytemora affinis (Copepoda ; Calanoida) from the Seine estuary : a laboratory study. J. Exp. Mar. Biol Ecol. 368:113-123.

17. Winkler, G., Dodson, J.J. and Lee, C.E. (2008) Heterogeneity within the native range : Population genetic analyses of sympatric invasive and noninvasive clades of the freshwater invading copepod Eurytemora affinis. Molecular Ecology 17, 415-430 .

18. Winkler, G., Martineau, C., Dodson, J.J., Vincent, W.F., and Johnson, L.E., (2007) Trophic dynamics of two sympatric mysid species in an estuarine transitione zone. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser 332, 171–187.

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20. Winkler G., Sirois P., Johnson L.E., and J.J. Dodson (2005) Invasion of an estuarine transition zone by Dreissena polymorpha veligers had no detectable effect on zooplankton community structure. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 62, 578-592.

21. Winkler G. and Greve W. (2004) Trophodynamics of two interacting species of estuarine mysids, Praunus flexuosusand Neomysis integer, and their predation on the calanoid copepod Eurytemora affinis. J. exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 308, 127-146.

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